Posted by: steelcowboy | August 7, 2015

Walking back through time

Of all the blogger friends I used to follow, it seems that Janie is the only one who still writes with any regularity. Facebook has killed the blog. Too easy to jot things down as they happen, I guess. The long diatribes, the emptying of the soul, the flow of words we all once experienced is a thing of the past now…

Pretty much like life. The quick and easy is how we do things now.

For the sake of argument, I clicked some of the links to the old blogs I followed. A good many are gone altogether. Most haven’t been updated for years. Some, like me, have some random posts every six months or so. Some are sad, like the old Travels with Huggy blog. Huggy was his cat, who passed away in June. That made me a bit sad…

So we move on, and we lose old friends. We fall out of touch. I still have two old blog friends on Facebook, but the majority either quit ‘friending’ me, or I them. Tastes change, people change. Life goes on…

and we humans are freakin’ sad, sorry creatures.

Posted by: steelcowboy | June 13, 2013


he stops along the road.
The dust settles on his clothes
raised by passing trucks.

He lays back
the tattered blanket-roll
his pillow.
Clouds scud across the sky.

He sees a raptor
circling, circling
high and far away.
He blinks, and it is gone.

The sun sets
and he gains his feet.
He shakes the dust off
like a wet dog.

He shuffles his feet
leaving trails
on the dusty blacktop,
and turns West once more.

Following the setting sun,
a blazing orb
trying to hide behind the hills
extinguishing itself in the Pacific.

Like the hot love he felt,
once, in long ago
across the Earth
far from here.



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